AIM Program Update  
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The AIM and VNA programs can be run in the demo mode if the hardware is not connected. Sample data files are included so the programs can be evaluated without the hardware. This mode is also useful for off-line analysis of data files that have been previously saved.

NEW Jan 9, 2021 -- Version: AIM_925.   
This version can be used with the new AIM4300 as well as the AIMuhf, AIM4170 and the PowerAIM120.

(The AIM4300 analyzer requires program version AIM_910 or later.)
Note: The AIM program may not run if the exe file is placed directly on the desktop. Put the program in a folder on the hard drive and create a shortcut icon for the desktop to launch the program.

Significant features introduced in recent versions of the AIM program:

  • Function to display min, max, avg and difference of data between two cursors.
  • Doubled number of points for TDR for better distance resolution.
  • Smith chart Admittance circles have been added.
  • Display tuning data on Smith chart in Point Data mode.
  • Programmable Trigger Output.
  • Added labels to the band highlight areas.
  • Improved performance for low values of series resistance.
  • Fixed "Refer to Antenna" function.
  • Fixed custom cal operation below 100 KHz.
  • Added Zoom function. "Z" to zoom, control-Z to unzoom.
  • FastRep option while in Point Data Tune mode. Update rate can be fine-tuned with Averaging.
  • Popup Notes window on the Help menu. (help for hotkeys and equations)
  • Overlay scan files with any limits.
  • Scan files from earlier versions of the AIM program can be recalled and overlaid.
  • Improved performance for low values of series resistance.
  • Improved crystal measurements for high Q crystals.
  • Fixed freq values in CSV file so they're the same as those in the SCN file.
  • Amplitude programming in the Constant Freq mode can be used with AIMuhf and AIM4170D.
  • Added function to calculate length of phasing line.
  • Fixed BitMap function so it always shows the whole AIM graph.
  • Stub tuning runs much faster now.
  • Optional cursor for a tablet pc makes it easier to move the vertical data cursor. (refer to the Setup menu) Here's a diagram showing the AIM menus (some new features are not shown in this diagram).

    The latest version of the VNAuhf program is here:

    The latest version of the VNA program is here:
    VNA PROGRAM UPDATE - version VNA_546B

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    If you are using a USB interface, here's some helpful information.

  • June 10, 2013 .
    The manual for the AIM4170 is available in html format.
    AIM manual in English:
    By entering this URL into the dialog box of the Google translation program, the manual can be displayed in other languages. Although the translation is not perfect, it can be helpful. Unfortunately, Google does not display the pictures and graphs. (if anyone knows how to resolve this problem, please let me know). You can open the English version in one web browser page and the other language in another browser to view the pictures side by side with the translated text.

    For convenience, some direct links to the manual in other languages are included below: