Tablet PC and the AIM4170  
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Dec 12, 2009

John, WQ1P has provided the following information on using the AIM4170 with a tablet PC and with a MAC.


The more I use your AIM4170, the more I am impressed. I have been using it with a laptop, a tablet, and with my MAC (using Fusion 3.0 and a 30 in HD screen). One frustration I had was the size of the graph on the 30 inch screen (native resolution of 2560 x 1600). It was too small. That is, until I reread the manual, and easily adjusted the config file to a larger screen. You obviously have thought through a great deal of the details. My compliments.

In some of your earlier postings, you asked for info on using tablets. I am using an older Fujitsu Stylistic (8 in diagonal screen, running Win2K, with a dual serial PCMCIA card). Photo enclosed. The tablet does double duty, serving to display a satellite weather downlink in my aircraft, which is why the cables are labeled GPS and WSI. While I am running the AIM4170 by external power in the photo, the 9v battery option makes an nice compact package to use in the field.

Finally, I have no problem running the AIM4170 using my Mac Pro with a USB-Serial converter under PC emulation (Fusion 3.0, Windows2000Pro). But I would offer the thought that if you are interested in broadening your audience, there is a program for Intel Macs called Crossover (Company - Code Weavers) that allows many PC applications to be run as simple icons on the Intel Mac desktop without the need for an emulator. Crossover works directly and transparently with few problems for most common programs, such as, Microsoft Office, etc. I have also loaded at least one program (SuperPCB by Mentala) that is unsupported directly by Code Weavers, and it works fine. Typically the installation requires one to load the installation disk and then Crossover configures the executable to run directly on the Intel Mac without any emulator. On a PC, while the Mentala installation executable does make a blank (no value) entry into the registry, and does create a Mentala folder in Program Files, none of that appears to be necessary to run the program from its own directory on a PC. This is very similar to what you do , although you do not have an install.exe file on your disk. (My editorial note: I very much like what you did, making it independent of the Windows registry, etc). I have tried to install your AIM685 program using Crossover, and I was able to get it to run, albeit very slowly, but it seems to have something unresolved, probably because it did not have an install.exe to help it tie together all needed references. You may wish to explore this issue with the people at Code Weavers to broaden the potential user base for this fine product. I would be happy to help if you find that helpful.

John Friel, WQ1P