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Antenna Analyzer Forum - General discussion forum for antenna analyzers.

More Links to AIM4170 Info - Very interesting links by Ian, G3NRW.

Portable AIM4170 with a tablet - This video shows the AIM4170 being powered by an internal 9V battery. It's used up on the roof to measure a vertical dipole antenna. -- IK7JWY

AIMuhf antenna analyzer demonstrated by ARRL Laboratory.

W8BYA - A demonstration of SWR measurement differences using four different instruments on a 2 meter antenna. In particular is the use of the new Siglent reflection bridge for the SSA 3021X spectrum analyzer.
Approximate cost of each instrument:
Bird 43 -- $600
AIM4300 (new version of the AIM4170C) -- $495
Siglent 3021X -- $1600
Agilent 8712ES -- $2600

Remote control of the AIM by G3NRW

Network Analyzer Tutorial - Good tutorial on the basic principles of network analyzers.

Antenna Modeling (by AC6LA) - An excellent resource on antenna modeling software. Be sure to checkout the program called Transmission Line Details.
Good information on the variation of transmission line parameters versus frequency.
Also check this new program that works in conjunction with EZNEC for evaluating antenna and transmission line systems: AutoEZ

Comparison chart for three models of the AIM.

The AIM compared with several other antenna analyzers.

Comparisons by users of the AIM4170 and the MiniVNA at

Here is a very nice program for graphically processing AIM scan data for presentations: Zplots by AC6LA

Tutorials - An interesting collection of tutorials on a variety of topics involving electromagnetism, including, transmission lines and Smith charts.

TDR applications - A very good article on transmission lines and TDR measurement concepts by Tektronix.

Youtube videos:
AIM4170 Bluetooth and battery operation
AIM4170 measuring variable inductor

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) - A construction article for a simple but useful TDR. Reviews of some analyzers


General links:

History of Radio Broadcasting

Spectrogram - Some tips on using Spectrogram for aligning ham receivers and links to several very good Spectrogram tutorials.

All About Circuits - A collection of very useful data and calculators for circuit design. .

EZNEC - A very nice antenna modeling program by W7EL.

Antenna Match Calculator - An interactive calculator to find the values of L & C to match an antenna. Several matching circuit configurations are included.

Speq Math - An easy-to-use program that does a wide range of mathematical functions with complex numbers.

Coax Parameters - A concise list of the basic parameters of many types of coax.

Belden Cable College - Useful information on cables.

Times Microwave - Information on high quality coax.

Top Spice - a very good program for analyzing electronic circuits. The free version can handle circuits of medium complexity. Very useful and very educational. Download file is only 3 MegaBytes.

Ness Engineering - Several good articles on fundamental electronic technology.

Analog Techniques Tutorial - Good tutorials on basic electronics.

Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) - an outstanding free program for simulating magnetics problems. It allows an unlimited number of meshes.

Wiretronics - a good source of wire information.

Eveready Battery Data - technical information on batteries.

An elementary course on electromagnetism and other topics in physics.

A good introduction to DC electronics.

A good introduction to AC electronics.

Magnetism: quantities, units and relationships - A good summary of magnetic terminolgy.

International Rectifier - A good source of information on power transistors and FET's.

Info on Transistor Models - good information on the parameters used in the SPICE transistor model, on the Zetex web site.

Zetex SPICE Models - SPICE models for all the Zetex products are available here.

Complex Number Calculator - A very nice calculator for working with complex numbers. You can put it on your desktop.

Scientific Calculator - a very handy scientific calculator.

Updated: Dec 22, '17